2017-07-18 11:31
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使用PHP服务器端在IONIC 2上推送通知

I am doing an app with ionic 2 angular 2 and Typescript and i need to implement push notifications into it. I already used local notifications and i used the ionic 2 Dashboard to send a notification to all app users. But i didn't find really how can i make it automated.

I want to make the server do some checkups on the database to see if there are entries that are relativly new and if so it automatically pushes the new notification to all devices.

Any help on how to do that ?

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我正在使用ionic 2 angular 2和Typescript进行应用程序,我需要在其中实现推送通知。 我已经使用了本地通知,并使用离子2仪表板向所有应用用户发送通知。 但我真的没有找到如何让它自动化。

我想让服务器对数据库进行一些检查,以查看是否存在相对较新的条目,如果是 它会自动将新通知推送到所有设备。


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  • dongzou7134
    dongzou7134 2017-07-18 13:36

    Explore OneSignal Push Notification Service. Ionic native also have OneSignal plugin.

    Ionic part - OneSignal plugin's documentation.

    For PHP part - check this question..

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