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I wanted to apologise off the bat for asking a question with very little prior information to go on, but im at a loss as to how to even start.

I need to create a list of SKUs based on a preset grouping of SKUs that already exists its like a combination table, or iteration table.

However doing this manually is a ridiculous task and I could find no Javascript site that would allow me to do it as required.

Using PHP Classes i thought it would be a much more efficient way to achieve the goal.

AIM: The target item will consist of 5 or so TYPES of items. For each TYPE there is approximately 15-20 exact codes it could consist of.

For example TYPE 1 could be Apple, Pear, Orange, Pineapple. Etc. TYPE 2 could be Red,Green,Blue,Black. Etc

I need to be able to input a list of Variants for each TYPE and have it concatenate the Variants in every possible iteration of an item that could exist.

I am aware this would create 10s of thousands of (in this case) SKUs.

The problem i encounter is when creating the iterations the types always duplicate. Furthermore there are exceptions to this rule, for example Variant Apple could never be with Variant Black. So those types would never be found in the same concatenated code.

Im sure that for someone out their this is really very simple basic grouping and class configuration. So I very much appreciate any help that anyone might have for this.

Many Thanks - Lewis

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