2014-10-28 10:34
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drupal 7如何让cron作业自动运行

I have installed the elysia cron module and setup the cron job. So far I'm running cron jobs mannually. And it is quite time consuming because I have other things to do than run cron every 2 hours. I read the handbooks on cron configurations, but didn't get much, since I'm not a PHP literate person.

How can I make my drupal run cron automatically??? So that I don't have to come back to my site every 2 hours.

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我已经安装了elysia cron模块并设置了cron作业。 到目前为止,我正在运行cron作业。 这是非常耗时的,因为我还有其他事情要做,而不是每2小时运行一次cron。 我阅读了关于cron配置的手册,但没有得到太多,因为我不是一个PHP识字人。

如何让我的drupal自动运行cron? 所以我不必每隔2小时回到我的网站。

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  • dongzi0850 2014-10-28 10:49

    You can use the crontab. Usually this can be accessed on your server by running crontab -e in the shell and then adding an entry to specify how frequently to update your site. For example,

    0 * * * * wget -O - -q -t 1 http://{your_drupal_server}/cron.php

    would run every hour. Replace {your_drupal_server} with the url of your server. The command assumes you have wget installed as well.

    These sites may be helpful:

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