2016-03-22 12:21
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I'm using Symfony3 for a project and I got this error when I try to add the behat package.

Seems like its not possible to use behat with Symfony3 yet due do the problem with yaml parser version incompatibilities.

Is it so or has someone come with a workaround?

composer require behat/behat --dev

Problem 1 - Conclusion: remove symfony/symfony v3.0.1 - behat/behat v3.0.0 requires symfony/yaml ~2.1 -> satisfiable by symfony/yaml[v2.1.0, v2.1.1, v2.1.10, v2.1.11, v2.1.12, v2.1.13, v2.1.2, v2.1.3, v2.1.4, v2.1.5, v2.1.6, v2.1.7, v2.1.8, v2.1.9, v2.2.0, v2.2.1, v2.2.10, v2.2.11, v2.2.2, v2.2.3, v2.2.4, v2.2.5, v2.2.6, v2.2.7, v2.2.8, v2.2.9, v2.3.0, v2.3.1, v2.3.10, v2.3.11, v2.3.12, v2.3.13, v2.3.14, v2.3.15, v2.3.16, v2.3.17, v2.3.18, v2.3.19, v2.3.2, v2.3.20, v2.3.21, v2.3.22, v2.3.23, v2.3.24, v2.3.25, v2.3.26, v2.3.27, v2.3.28, v2.3.29, v2.3.3, v2.3.30, v2.3.31, v2.3.32, v2.3.33, v2.3.34, v2.3.35, v2.3.36, v2.3.37, v2.3.38, v2.3.39, v2.3.4, v2.3.5, v2.3.6, v2.3.7, v2.3.8, v2.3.9, v2.4.0, v2.4.1, v2.4.10, v2.4.2, v2.4.3, v2.4.4, v2.4.5, v2.4.6, v2.4.7, v2.4.8, v2.4.9, v2.5.0, v2.5.1, v2.5.10, v2.5.11, v2.5.12, v2.5.2, v2.5.3, v2.5.4, v2.5.5, v2.5.6, v2.5.7, v2.5.8, v2.5.9, v2.6.0, v2.6.1, v2.6.10, v2.6.11, v2.6.12, v2.6.13, v2.6.2, v2.6.3, v2.6.4, v2.6.5, v2.6.6, v2.6.7, v2.6.8, v2.6.9, v2.7.0, v2.7.1, v2.7.10, v2.7.2, v2.7.3, v2.7.4, v2.7.5, v2.7.6, v2.7.7, v2.7.8, v2.7.9, v2.8.0, v2.8.1, v2.8.2, v2.8.3].

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是这样还是有人带来了 解决方法?

  composer require behat / behat --dev 

问题1 - 结论:删除symfony / symfony v3.0.1 - behat / behat v3.0.0需要symfony / yaml~2.1 - > 可满足symfony / yaml [v2.1.0,v2.1.1,v2.1.10,v2.1.11,v2.1.12,v2.1.13,v2.1.2,v2.1.3,v2.1.4,v2.1.5,v2.1.6, v2.1.7,v2.1.8,v2.1.9,v2.2.0,v2.2.1,v2.2.10,v2.2.11,v2.2.2,v2.2.3,v2.2.4,v2.2.5,v2.2.6,v2。 2.7,v2.2.8,v2.2.9,v2.3.0,v2.3.1,v2.3.10,v2.3.11,v2.3.12,v2.3.13,v2.3.14,v2.3.15,v2.3.16,v2.3.17, v2.3.18,v2.3.19,v2.3.2,v2.3.20,v2.3.21,v2.3.22,v2.3.23,v2.3.24,v2.3.25,v2.3.26,v2.3.27,v2.3.28,v2。 3.29,v2.3.3,v2.3.30,v2.3.31,v2.3.32,v2.3.33,v2.3.34,v2.3.35,v2.3.36,v2.3.37,v2.3.38,v2.3.39,v2.3.4, v2.3.5,v2.3.6,v2.3.7,v2.3.8,v2.3.9,v2.4.0,v2.4.1,v2.4.10,v2.4.2,v2.4.3,v2.4.4,v2.4.5,v2。 4.6,v2.4.7,v2.4.8,v2.4.9,v2.5.0,v2.5.1,v2.5.10,v2.5.11,v2.5.12,v2.5.2,v2.5.3,v2.5.4,v2.5.5, v2.5.6,v2.5.7,v2.5.8,v2.5.9,v2.6.0,v2.6.1,v2.6.10,v2.6.11,v2.6.12,v2.6.13,v2.6.2,v2.6.3,v2。 6.4,v2.6.5,v2.6.6,v2.6.7,v2.6.8,v2.6.9,v2.7.0,v2.7.1,v2.7.10,v2.7.2,v2.7.3,v2.7.4,v2.7.5, v2.7.6,v2.7.7,v2.7.8,v2.7.9,v2.8.0, v2.8.1,v2.8.2,v2.8.3]。

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  • douluan4644 2016-03-22 12:40

    No official release yet, but last dev-master version has symfony3 compatibility. there is a candidate release . You can install behat version with v3.1.0rc1 tag.

    composer.phar require behat/behat='v3.1.0rc1'

    Or install the last dev-master which includes last release candidates

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