2011-02-18 02:21
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Okay so is there a way to set a date that can be easily modified to a different format later on. Example: A date is in a mysql database, and it is in a universal format; it gets put into a document, is there a way for the date format to be changed on-the-fly?

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好的,有一种方法可以设置一个日期,以后可以很容易地将其修改为不同的格式。 示例:日期位于mysql数据库中,它采用通用格式; 它被放入文档中,有没有办法在运行中更改日期格式?

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  • dptt66700 2011-02-18 02:26

    Yes, it's called a unix timestamp, which represents seconds since epoch (December 31rst, 1969).

    With timestamps, you can use the date() function to output the date in any format you wish.

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