2010-10-15 12:33
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I have a string variable, containing XML data and I was wondering if there is an easy way to extract fields and data from the file. Through an iterative generic way, without specifying name of the tags in the code.

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我有一个字符串变量,包含XML数据,我想知道是否有一种简单的方法来提取字段和数据 从文件。 通过迭代泛型方式,无需在代码中指定标记的名称。

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  • donqo88682 2010-10-15 12:37

    You can use SimpleXML.

    Load your data with simplexml_load_string And then you can make a loop to parse the xml into an array thanks to the SimpleXML class

    As it is called, it's pretty simple to do.

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  • dougong7850 2010-10-15 12:54

    There are many XML parsing libraries, each has its own strengths and annoyances, so you're going to find a broad range of solutions.

    However, here is a nice snipplet that is small, fast and functions regardless of what libraries are installed because it's a regex.

    You feed it an XML string and it returns an array of the whole dynamic structure:

    $xml = file_get_contents('example.xml');
    $data = xml2array($xml);
    echo "<pre>" . print_r($data, true ) . "</pre>";

    The function:

    function xml2array($xml) {
     $xmlary = array();
     $reels = '/<(\w+)\s*([^\/>]*)\s*(?:\/>|>(.*)<\/\s*\\1\s*>)/s';
     $reattrs = '/(\w+)=(?:"|\')([^"\']*)(:?"|\')/';
     preg_match_all($reels, $xml, $elements);
     foreach ($elements[1] as $ie => $xx) {
       $xmlary[$ie]["name"] = $elements[1][$ie];
       if ($attributes = trim($elements[2][$ie])) {
         preg_match_all($reattrs, $attributes, $att);
         foreach ($att[1] as $ia => $xx)
           $xmlary[$ie]["attributes"][$att[1][$ia]] = $att[2][$ia];
       $cdend = strpos($elements[3][$ie], "<");
       if ($cdend > 0) {
         $xmlary[$ie]["text"] = substr($elements[3][$ie], 0, $cdend - 1);
       if (preg_match($reels, $elements[3][$ie]))
         $xmlary[$ie]["elements"] = xml2array($elements[3][$ie]);
       else if ($elements[3][$ie]) {
         $xmlary[$ie]["text"] = $elements[3][$ie];
     return $xmlary;
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