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I have a DataObject called Applicant and it $has_one Member (this is the SilverStripe Member class).

private static $has_one = array (
    'MemberApplicant' => 'Member'

When a member is logged in and visits the ApplicationPage I want to be able to populate the form based on the members Applicant data.

I can make this work but I feel like I should be able to access the data easier.

Here is what I do:

$memberID = Member::currentUserID();
$applicant = Applicant::get()->filter('MemberApplicantID', $memberID)->first();


Shouldn't I be able to instantiate a Member and then call its relative $MemberApplicant?

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我有一个 DataObject ,名为 Applicant ,它是 $ has_one Member (这是SilverStripe Member 类)。

  private static $ has_one = 数组(

当会员登录并访问 ApplicationPage 我希望能够根据成员 Applicant 数据填充表单。

我可以使这项工作,但我觉得我应该能够访问 数据更容易。


  $ memberID = Member :: currentUserID(); 
 $ applicant = Applicant :: get  () - >过滤器('MemberApplicantID',$ memberID) - > first(); 
 $ form-> loadDataFrom($ applicant); 

我不应该能够实例化 Member 然后调用它的相对 $ MemberApplicant

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  • dsjlqkbpn029473708 2016-06-28 06:52

    Shouldn't I be able to instantiate a Member and then call its relative $MemberApplicant?

    Of course. I assume you have a 1:1 relation, then you have to define the counter part on Member using $belongs_to (see this diagram)

    class Applicant extends DataObject
    private static $has_one = [
        'MemberApplicant' => 'Member'
    class MemberApplicantExtenension extends DataExtension
    private static $belongs_to = [
        'Applicant' => 'Applicant'

    Now add the DataExtension to the Member object in /mysite/_config/config.yml

        - MemberApplicantExtenension

    and run a dev/build?flush.

    Now you're able to get the related Applicant from the Member using built in ORM magic:

    //Get the current Member
    $member = Member::CurrentUser();
    //get the $belongs_to
    $applicant = $member->Applicant();
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