2012-12-12 23:55

MongoDB ODM如何使用map / reduce对某个字段进行分组?

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I have a collection of documents that I want to query by a certain field called location, sort them by a pos field, and only return the highest value for each pos field.

So the query right now looks something like this:

$locations = array(1,2,3,4,5,6);

   $results = $this->dm->createQueryBuilder('\App\Document\Test')
        ->select('id', 'word', 'pos','change', 'title', 'coll_at', 'location')
        ->sort('location', 'asc')
        ->sort('pos', 'asc')

But because there can be multiple entries for a specific location each with different pos, I then have to create a foreach loop to manipulate the data afterwards. In this scenario, I could take that shortcut just altering the data after it's returned, but I have other scenarios where it isn't efficient at all to do that. So I created this smaller scenario to try and figure out how to either use Doctrine ODM's group query, or even map & reduce it. Not sure the best way to. I see lots of examples of getting a running total, etc.

So how would I create a query to get the highest numerical value in the pos field for each specific location? Knowing that there can be multiple documents with the same location but a different pos value. And on top of that, have all the fields for the selected record that I have listed above in the ->select()

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