2016-09-15 11:05
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SIlverStripe PHP - “添加新内容”或选择下拉列表中的现有内容

This should be relatively simple. I know how to create a form and hide it and show it if a specific option is selected

I want to have a Dropdown populated with a specific DataObject. That much is simple. But I need to add an option that says 'Add new' to this Dropdown, which is in a form

I can handle the submission (like if the value is something like 'new' instead of an ID), but I do not know how to add this option into the select with Silverstripe, or if it is even possible. Any help is appreciated!

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这应该相对简单。 我知道如何创建一个表单并隐藏它并在选择了特定的选项时显示它

我想要一个 Dropdown 填充了特定的 DataObject 。 这很简单。 但是我需要在这个下拉列表中添加一个“添加新”的选项,其形式为

我可以处理提交(如果值 类似于'new'而不是 ID ),但我不知道如何使用 Silverstripe 将此选项添加到 select 中,或者 如果它是可能的。 任何帮助表示赞赏!

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