2011-05-08 20:26

iScroll.js和iOS浏览器检测 - 仅向iPad / iPhone显示iScroll.js文件

I've created a page that uses fixed positioning for header and footer and has to work also on iPad/iPhone. I'm using iScroll.js ( for scrolling the page on iPad/iPhone. However, I need this script to work only on iOS (pages are simple HTML pages), example:

Question: I would like to show the JS (in the head area of the HTML document) only to iOS devices (something like Conditional Comments for IE). How can I do that? Is this possible with Javascript? If not, can I use PHP? I don't do any back-end programming, but I believe I could figure that out if you point me in the right direction.

Thank you!

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  • doubiaokai4998 doubiaokai4998 10年前

    As detailed in the Safari Web Content Guide, you can use the user agent to determine if you are on an iOS device. You can easily test this in either JavaScript or PHP. Here is a JavaScript example:

    userAgent = window.navigator.userAgent;
    if(/iPhone/.test(userAgent) || /iPod/.test(userAgent) || /iPad/.test(userAgent)) {
        // load iScroll here
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