2012-02-03 14:17
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在linux centos上通过php运行pdftk

I would like to run pdftk on my webserver. It's a Linux Centos with PHP 5.3.2.

When I connect it by commande line I do

pdftk --version

It's OK

pdftk A=p1-9.pdf cat A1 output p1.pdf

It's OK.

Now, I do this by php :

exec(pdftk A=p1-9.pdf cat A1 output p1.pdf)

It isn't OK. Why?? I search about the link of file, but it looks OK.

This doesn't work too :

exec(pdftk --version)

I install pdftk with this How do I install Pdftk on my server?

So what's wrong??

Thank for your help!

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我想在我的网络服务器上运行pdftk。 它是一个带有PHP 5.3.2的Linux Centos。


  pdftk --version 


  pdftk A = p1-9.pdf cat A1 output p1.pdf 



  exec(  pdftk A = p1-9.pdf cat A1输出p1.pdf)

不行。 为什么?? 我搜索文件的链接,但看起来还不错。


  exec(pdftk  -  版本)



谢谢 你的帮助!

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  • douche3791 2012-02-03 14:54

    I've run into this issue before. Assuming that you're wrapping your commands string in quotes (as gioele noted), the issue may be that you need to set your path when running the system command. Try this:

    $command = "pdftk A=p1-9.pdf cat A1 output p1.pdf";
    system("PATH=\$PATH:/usr/bin/ && $command",$response);
    if ($response===FALSE){
       //there was an error, handle it

    (I've added a little response handling there as well). If that doesn't work, check to see what path you should use (it will depend on where you installed PDFTK).

    I believe you can also get the same result by using putenv("PATH=" .[your path]); and I've used system() here, but exec() should be affected in the same way

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