2018-09-12 12:08
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Hello i am facing a problem of redirection.

i have a API which will call when i click on image and it will take user contact number and dial a call from software.

All things are working perfect but issue is that, API redirecting to an other page which i do not want.

I want to show only message of calling, but focus should remain on same page.

Here is my xhtml code:

Cell No.
                                            <h:outputText value="#{informationManagerBean.cust.cellNo}" styleClass="textColorChange"/>
                                            Direct Dial

                                            <h:outputLink style="margin: 25px" id="tool_dial"  onclick="PF('callDialog').show();
                                                        return true;
                                                    }" value="http://199.199.333.94/calling.php" >
                                                <img src="Resources/images/dialer.png" alt="NR Letter" align="top" style="margin: 25px"/>
                                                <f:param name="cli"  value="#{informationManagerBean.cust.cellNo}"  />
                                                <f:param name="userid"  value="000001"  />
                                            <p:dialog id="callDialog1" onShow="myFunction();" onHide="myStopFunction();"  header="Calling..."
                                                      width="200px" widgetVar="callDialog"
                                                      position="center" draggable="true" resizable="false" closable="false"
                                                      closeOnEscape="true" appendTo="@(body)" modal="true">


here is java Script:

        var myVar;

        function myFunction()
            myVar = setTimeout(function() {
            }, 3000);

        function myStopFunction()



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