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I have a form that i want to filled up by the end user in few steps. in the first step i want to let them fill Name,Address,Mobile number. And when click next button i want to appear another part of the form to fill the other details such as upload a image . i did research online,i found 2 articles useful, One thing is about sessions and the other thing is about hidden fields. In my opinion i think sessions are not a good way to use for form submitting.Because some browsers are might have disabled sessions. So ill go with hidden fields.

In my database i have a unique id which is auto increment.What i want to do is to let user to submit a form.In the first step i want them to submit their name,addres,mobile number(In this time it is inserting data to the database- Only for couple of columns.) And in my database i have a field for upload a image.In the first step it gets a null value.I want to update that null value in the next step by getting a that id from the first step

Please give me the basic idea to start this.A little help much appreciated! Thanks in advance

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  • duancheng8000 2016-04-05 09:59

    you can try like this:-

    You can add a class on the input which you want to hide

    <input type="text" name="example" class="inputHidden">

    after that add style in your page like this

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