2011-09-19 19:38
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实现MPI的PHP库 - 通过Visa和SecureCode验证?

What are the solutions? Anything open source. If only commercial applications, what are they?

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有哪些解决方案? 任何开源。 如果只是商业应用,它们是什么?

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  • doutan2228 2011-09-22 11:05

    Highly unlikely you'll find anything open source imho, but willing to hear otherwise. My reasoning for that is the costs involved for having an MPI accredited with Visa/MasterCard are.. significant (if I remember correctly it was around $5000 per scheme?). And any open source solution would need to go through accreditation for each 'build'.

    So you'll most likely need to look at prebuilt commercial offerings. It was a good few years ago now, but we went with nsoftware, one of the first to market a standalone MPI

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