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VS.Php支持Visual Studio 2010中的Magento开发

Can anybody please comment as whether the VS.Php IDE will help in all those ways which the "NetBeans" / "Eclipse" / "Zend Studio" IDEs provide, for the Magento development?

The features for which I'm asking are like:-

  • Using the NetBeans SOAP API Web Services of the Magento V2 SOAP API.
  • Understanding the IntelliSense of the Parent Class & showing the properties & methods of the Parent Class. This helps in maintaining the abstraction of the project.
  • Using the Magento debugging techniques.
  • ...
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    dqkv0603 dqkv0603 2011-06-29 14:35

    Look into PhpStorm by JetBrains, but choose Eclipse or Zend Studio if you might need remote editing, as all other IDEs fail in this part miserably.

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