2011-02-19 14:34
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I have a form element, that is hidden or show depending on a dropdown element in my form. I've been able to change the visibility when the dropdown changes.

Here's my code right now:

var id = $("select[name=post_category]").val();
if(id != 3){

What I want is the fields to be hidden, unless the page loads with id=3 (so i can't just hide them with CSS), in that case the field has to be visible from the start. Right now, the field is always visible on pageload.

Any suggestions how I should go about this?

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我有一个表单元素,根据表单中的下拉元素隐藏或显示。 我已经能够在下拉列表更改时更改可见性。


  $(“select [  name = post_category]“)。change(function(){
var id = $(”select [name = post_category]“)。val(); 
if(id!= 3){
 $(”dt#post_url  -label“)。hide(); 
else {
 $(”dt#post_url-label“)。show(); \  n $(“dd#post_url-element”)。show(); 

我想要的是要隐藏的字段 ,除非页面加载id = 3(所以我不能用CSS隐藏它们),在这种情况下,字段必须从一开始就可见。 现在,该字段始终在页面加载中可见。


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  • dongya3627 2011-02-19 14:40

    Try this:

    $('select[name="post_category"]').change(function() {
        $('dt#post_url-label, dd#post_url-element').toggle( +this.value === 3 );

    The idea is to trigger the change event immediately. You should be able to achieve that by using either triggerHandler('change') or just change().

    Live demo 1: http://jsfiddle.net/XE78E/
    Live demo 2: http://jsfiddle.net/XE78E/1/

    The 2. demo shows that the element is visible if the 3-rd option is preselected.

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  • doupin5408 2011-02-19 14:39

    so why dont u check on page load if the id = 3 or not and use same logic to hide or show the element.

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  • duanjuan1103 2011-02-19 14:42

    That code is javascript, right?
    Call $("select[name=post_category]").change() on page load.

    window.onload = function() { $("select[name=post_category]").change() }

    or add it to your existing onload function.

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