2010-01-22 08:43
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php exec,passthru函数在主机上禁用时工作

My site is php based and the host disabled exec() and passthru() and system(). I have a script that needs these functions. Is there any work arounds?

The commands my script to run is simple mysqldump to backup my database. If there's no work arounds to use those functions. Is there another way to do the backup without the need to use them ?

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我的网站是基于PHP的,主机禁用了exec()和passthru()以及system()。 我有一个需要这些功能的脚本。 有什么工作吗?

我的脚本运行的命令是简单的mysqldump来备份我的数据库。 如果没有工作来使用这些功能。 有没有其他方法可以进行备份而无需使用它们?

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  • dongzengzai4567 2010-01-22 08:59

    I think your host does not disabled exec() without a reason. If you find a way to do it, they'll likely do their best to close it, and/or close your account.

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