2010-01-23 19:03
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Currently I can add a Zend Form element dynamically to a form after it is first loaded. I do this through a mouse click and some ajax. However, I want to add the exact same element with a different name (basically I am giving each element an id). However, when I add the field it just shows up like a normal field and isn't Dojo'fied.

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目前,我可以在首次加载表格后动态添加Zend Form元素。 我通过鼠标点击和一些ajax来做到这一点。 但是,我想用不同的名称添加完全相同的元素(基本上我给每个元素一个id)。 但是,当我添加字段时,它只是显示为正常字段而不是Dojo'。

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