2019-06-25 20:11
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如何在laravel blade.php文件中调用检查所选选项的函数?

I create a fuction for checking selected option and I want to call it in the for the selected part.

@foreach ($stocks as $stock)
   <option value="{{ $stock->id }}" ..... > {{ $stock->name }}</option>

for the .... should be the place to call the function that I created but I don't know how to call it. I tried :

@foreach ($stocks as $stock)
   <option value="{{ $stock->id }}" {{ CheckCombo($stock->id, $product- 
         product_type }} > {{ $stock->name }}</option>

for the function CheckCombo, it returns 'selected' back.

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我创建了一个用于检查所选选项的函数,我想在 中为所选部分调用它。< / p>

  @foreach($ stock as $ stock)
&lt; option value =“{{$ stock-&gt; id}}”.....&gt;  {{$ stock-&gt; name}}&lt; / option&gt; 
 @ endforeach 

....应该是调用函数的地方 我创建但我不知道怎么称呼它。 我试过:

  @foreach($ stocks as $ stock)
&lt; option value =“{{$ stock-&gt; id}}”{{CheckCombo(  $ stock-&gt; id,$ product- 
 product_type}}&gt; {{$ stock-&gt; name}}&lt; / option&gt; 
 @ endforeach 


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  • doupai6875 2019-06-25 20:26

    When you loop the option values check it with the db value and if it gets a match echo seleceted

     @foreach ($stocks as $stock)
       <option value="{{ $stock->id }}"  @if( ($stock->id) == ($product-> 
             product_type)) selected @endif > {{ $stock->name }}</option>
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