2019-05-06 22:34
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My Problem is that when loading styles and js it is all traditionally done by using the add_action('wp_head') I would like to have parceljs simply watch my js and sass files and compile it to one or multiple files depending on whether they are a partial or not. I normally would use gulp but I was hoping it would be easier with a tool that's less dated.

I haven't tried anything yet because it seems that there always needs to be a entry point that's a .html file

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我的问题是,在加载样式和js时,传统上都是使用add_action('wp_head')来完成的 想让parceljs只是看我的js和sass文件并将其编译成一个或多个文件,具体取决于它们是否是部分文件。 我通常会使用gulp,但我希望使用一个不太过时的工具会更容易。

我还没有尝试任何东西,因为它似乎总是需要一个入口点 这是一个.html文件

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