2019-01-25 07:47
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Javascript - 如何将文本区域的值发送到我的文本框

I want to send the value of the text area to the textbox. the text area value is get from the qr-code once it is scanned. so i want to send the textarea value to the textbox value

 if(isset($_POST['btnSubcode'])) {
      $lblCode  =  isset($_POST['lblQrTxt']) ? $_POST['lblQrTxt'] : '';

      $code = $lblCode;
      $code = explode(":",$code); // code = array("QR Code","444444444|123")
      $code = explode("|",$code[1]); // code[1] = "444444444|123"
      $code = trim($code[0]); // 444444444

      $code2 = $lblCode;
      $code2 = explode(":",$code2); // code = array("QR Code","444444444|123")
      $code2 = explode("|",$code2[1]); // code[1] = "444444444|123"
      $code2 = trim($code2[1]); // 123

 <div class="form-group">
      <label class="form-control-label">code</label>
      <input type="text" id="card-code" value='<?php echo $code ?>' class="form-control">

 <div class="col-md-4">
      <div class="form-group">
           <label class="form-control-label">pin</label>
           <input type="text" id="card-pin" value='<?php echo $code2 ?>' class="form-control" maxlength="3">

///////////////////////////////THIS IS THE TEXT AREA///////////////////////
         <textarea class="form-control text-center" id="scanned-QR" name="lblQrTxt"></textarea><br><br>
                               <input class="btn btn-primary btn-lg" type="submit" name="btnSubcode"></input>

there is my code, so the value comes in the textarea. so when the value is set i want an automatic transfer on the textbox.

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  • dragon8899
    dragon8899 2019-01-25 07:55

    It seems you need something like this:

    $('#scanned-QR').on('change textInput input', function () {
        var val = this.value;
    <script src=""></script>
    <textarea class="form-control text-center" id="scanned-QR" name="lblQrTxt"></textarea><br><br>
    <input type="text" name = "input"></input>

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  • douke1942
    douke1942 2019-01-25 07:53

    You can use jquery.


    if you want to use javascript, then

    document.getElementById("idOfTextBox').value = 
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  • dongting3135
    dongting3135 2019-01-25 07:54

    If I understand your question correctly, you could try something like this:

            <script language="JavaScript">
            function changeBack(){
              document.getElementById("card-pin").value = document.getElementById("scanned-QR").value;
            <form name="myForm">
              <textarea name="myTextArea" rows=2 cols=50 onChange='changeBack()'>
              Here is some text in my text area.
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