2018-03-31 20:18
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在php页面上反应app; React无权访问Session

I've created a React App to my existing php page which is using session to store userid. The session is set by a normal .php login page, but when I try to call API call who access the session, it appears it's not set.

Is react apps inside its own 'environment' and is it required to use tokens?

I'm confused..

EDIT: solved it by this questin from om a different thread:

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我已经在我现有的php页面创建了一个React App,它使用session来存储 userid 。 该会话由一个普通的.php登录页面设置,但是当我尝试调用访问会话的API调用时,它似乎没有设置。

反应应用程序是否位于其自己的环境中 '并且是否需要使用令牌?



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  • doulan9419 2018-03-31 23:25

    It's two different things. PHP works on server-side and React is client-side.

    enter image description here

    As you can see, WebServer returns a HTML content to a Client. ReactJS works in web browser. If you want to receive some datas from server, you can see this tutorial

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