2017-10-05 13:24
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I´m trying to create customs tooltips with google charts and Laravel.

    var rdb = new google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
    ['', 'Contract Cost', 'Deployment Cost', {label: 'T2', role: 'tooltip'}],
    @foreach($rdbs as $rdb)
        @foreach ($rdb as $result)         
        ['{{mb_strimwidth($result->product, 0,50,"...")}}', {{$result->contract_costs}},{{$result->deployment_costs}},'{{$result->product}}'],

The '' has a product name limit to 50, the tooltips that I need to show have full product name. ¿Any idea why this code doesn't work? The tooltips show name with limit to 50, not with the full name.


var full= $( "panel-body" ).width();

    var options = {
        width: full,
        height: rdb.getNumberOfRows()*20,
        bars: 'horizontal', 

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  var rdb = new google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
 @foreach  ($ rdbs为$ rdb)
 @foreach($ rdb as $ result)
 ['{{mb_strimwidth($ result-> product,0,50,“...”)}}',{{$ 结果 - > contract_costs}},{{$ result-> deployment_costs}},'{{$ result-> product}}'],

''的产品名称限制为50,我需要显示的工具提示具有完整的产品名称。¿任何想法为什么此代码不起作用?工具提示显示名称限制为50 ,而不是全名。


  var full = $(“panel-body  “).width(); 
 var options = {
 height:rdb.getNumberOfRows()* 20,
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  • douwen7603 2017-10-05 14:02

    when using custom tooltips,
    the tooltip role needs to follow the series column it represents
    each y-axis series should have its own tooltip column

    you have two y-axis series ('Contract Cost' & 'Deployment Cost')
    but only one tooltip column

    to correct and show the full name for both tooltips,
    add another tooltip column after 'Contract Cost'

    var rdb = new google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
    ['', 'Contract Cost', {label: 'T1', role: 'tooltip'}, 'Deployment Cost', {label: 'T2', role: 'tooltip'}],
    @foreach($rdbs as $rdb)
        @foreach ($rdb as $result)         
        ['{{mb_strimwidth($result->product, 0,50,"...")}}',{{$result->contract_costs}},'{{$result->product}}',{{$result->deployment_costs}},'{{$result->product}}'],


    column roles, such as 'tooltip', are not supported by Material charts...

    see --> Tracking Issue for Material Chart Feature Parity
    for the several other options that are not supported...

    Material --> google.charts.Bar -- packages: ['bar']

    Classic --> google.visualization.BarChart -- packages: ['corechart']

    note: there is an option to style Classic charts similar to Material charts

    theme: 'material'
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