douduan2272 2016-06-09 07:56
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I have a website hosted on server, now what I want is to run a .php script (Also located on the same server) when someone presses the submit button in the website.

Following is the ajax code

$.ajax({url: "/test.php",
  success: function(response){

My test.php consists of

//exec('sudo -u www-data python /var/www/html/');
echo "PHP Script Ran";
mkdir("/var/www/html/test", 0700);

When I navigate to ip_address/test.php, the echo message is displayed correctly but the mkdir command doesn't seem to be executed as there is no folder created in my server's directory.

Also I want to know, how can I run this test.php script when someone presses the submit button in my website.

The Javascript code is

var $ = jQuery;
var timestamp = Number(new Date());
var form = document.querySelector("form");
var database = firebase.database();
form.addEventListener("submit", function(event) {
  var ary = $(form).serializeArray();
  var obj = {};
  for (var a = 0; a < ary.length; a++) obj[ary[a].name] = ary[a].value;
  firebase.database().ref('users/' + timestamp).set(obj);
  database.ref('users/' + timestamp).once('value').then(function(snapshot) {
    console.log("Received value",snapshot.val());
      url: "/test.php",
      success: function(response){

Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks

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  • douji5746 2016-06-09 08:08

    In this case it's recommended to use mkdir within try...catch function and capture the error if it's the case.

    On the other hand mkidr will return a boolean value: true if the directory creation was successful or false in the case of a failure.


    try {
        mkdir("/var/www/html/test", 0700, true);
    } catch ($ex Exception) {
        echo $ex->getMessage();


    if (!mkdir("/var/www/html/test", 0700, true)) {
        echo 'Failed to create folder...';

    If mkdir cannot create the folder two things you need to check: if the folder exist and if it has the right permissions. By this i mean if the user group is set to apache (because apache, through web browser is executing the mkdir command) and second if apache (www-data) has the necessary permissions to execute this command.

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