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Web服务期望参数为long int但在PHP中没有long int支持

I have to call a web service, which expects it's parameter to be of type long integer. I do not have access to the server logs, so I don't know why am I getting an error response from server. I am trying to send a parameter as string or float, but would a server automatically cast it in such a scenario? If not, how is it possible to call a web service needing long integer parameters with PHP?

I was told by the administrator, that my calls contain a different session identifier (the parameter we re talking about) and that it is probably due to overflow of the integer type.


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    duanjian4150 duanjian4150 2013-07-22 14:34

    As it's a webservice, it receives the long integer as string anyway. Just send the number and it should just work.

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