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I am making changes on a website database I am developing using joomla 2.5 , but these changes are not reflected on the website.
I dumped the database and run it on the same version of the website locally and it is working very fine with the changes , I have only one database on the webserver so no doubt that I am changing on other database , when I changes the database password the website went down
I am installing my joomla web application on a godaddy webserver and I also cleared the cache to make sure that it is not the problem.
the changes are on a modules and also on the articles

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    doujiao1180 doujiao1180 2012-07-03 13:29

    Just out of curiosity, are you are you are editing the correct database? I only say this as I have a similar problem where I was registering test accounts on my site and couldn't see the rows being added to the database cause I was looking at the Wamp Server one, not the online one.

    If noting what so ever is happening like you said, try changing the database table prefixes but do not update the config.php and see if this throws an error when you try and preview the site.

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  • dqzlqfqeh845799833 dqzlqfqeh845799833 2012-07-03 13:11

    I think Database changes which you are making are module specific and they arte getting which you are re-initialized while accessing module through init function of module. You can change values over there also

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