2011-10-02 15:54
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In CodeIgniter config.php file,we can set session expire time in seconds $config['sess_expiration'] = 300;. Now I have two part for my web site,user part and admin part.I need user session expires after 10 minutes(600sec) and admin session expires after 5 minutes(300sec) . Is there any easy way to do it?

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在CodeIgniter config.php文件中,我们可以设置会话过期时间,以秒为单位 $ config ['sess_expiration' ] = 300; 。 现在我有两部分用于我的网站,用户部分和管理部分。我需要用户会话在10分钟(600秒)后过期,管理会话在5分钟(300秒)后到期。 Is 有没有简单的方法呢?

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  • doufan9805 2011-10-02 16:06

    I think the easiest is to replace the current CI_Session instance within your admin with a new instance having those options passed in the $params array in the constructor.

    The other variant would be that you extend the CI_Session class with your own variant which offers a method to change expiration time or can deal with a second config item which it's processes conditionally.

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