2011-08-26 13:02


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My form consists of different types of inputs.

Is there a way of checking if form has been submitted with any user input?

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  • dty63504 dty63504 10年前

    Is there a way of checking if an entire form is blank?

    Without checking each individual input?

    In short. No there is not.

    You could treat $_POST as an array and check each entry in a loop, but you must be aware of items that are automatically filled, like $_POST['submit'] or something similar.

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  • douhao2721 douhao2721 10年前

    To see if anything is present (either a text input, or at least a checkbox value=1) you might use:


    Obviously only if it's a POST form, and that's not a big help either if you have radio or select boxes with a default. Also the submit button may not add a string by itself (don't give it a name=).

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  • dousuochu7291 dousuochu7291 10年前

    Run the input through array_filter - it will return empty array if there is no single value in the array. If there is a value, the array will be non-empty.

    Keep in mind that this way even if just one checkbox is checked form will be considered non-empty.

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