2011-04-13 21:16
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My app is posting to users' Facebook walls, and linking to a page they have created. The page is in html. I'd like to be able to put a thumbnail of the page as the image on the wall post. I'm not sure whether this is possible or not. Anyone have any ideas?

If it helps, the page itself is stored as a series of 'elements'... for each one, I know the size and position of the element, and the content (which may be text or an image). So I can pull all that in from the database.

I guess it would be sufficient to create a thumbnail using php at the point when the user clicks 'Publish This to my wall', if that's easier than doing it on the fly - I can save the image and then link to it.

Any ideas?

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我的应用程序发布到用户的Facebook墙,并链接到他们创建的页面。 该页面是html。 我希望能够将页面的缩略图作为图片放在墙上的帖子上。 我不确定这是否可行。 任何人都有任何想法吗?

如果有帮助,页面本身会存储为一系列“元素”...对于每一个,我知道元素的大小和位置,以及 内容(可以是文本或图像)。 所以我可以从数据库中提取所有内容。

我想在用户点击“将其发布到我的墙上”时,使用php创建缩略图就足够了,如果 这比在飞行中更容易 - 我可以保存图像然后链接到它。


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  • doujiang9887 2011-04-26 13:31

    I figured out how to do this. I used the PHP gd library, which allows you to create a base image and then add images and text. Works pretty well.

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