2011-02-24 15:10

将PHP Web应用程序移动到Amazon Cloud


Perhaps this question might not be a new topic, but hopefully someone out there had experience with it.

We are currently running our PHP WEB APPLICATION on a dedicated server. Just last month one of linux technician guy from our server doing the migration (not sure what he is trying to do) but all data and DB has been swiped up completely. Nothing is working for us in few days (What a disaster!).

We decided to move everything slowly to a secure and more stable platform.. hopefully Amazon would be our final destination.

Could you please let me know which Amazon webservice or package would be suitable for PHP web application (Flash, APIs, Database)

Many thanks

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  • dongmin4052 dongmin4052 10年前

    You could start with m1.small instance (ami-76f0061f, 32bit) and see if that's enough and run your database on the rds.

    I highly suggest using Amazon Linux AMI, amazon has put some time in creating these Linux images, they have most of the tool that you need, plus you can easily install almost anything you need via yum. Also they are EBS backed, which has it's benefits. In in particular, making an image of EBS backed instance for load balancing is a lot simpler then S3 backed instance.

    Or you can start with m1.large instance and maintain the web and the db server on the same box. Lot's of options depending on your requirements, db size, website popularity.

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