2011-02-10 15:13
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We had a bad experience with a developer not sticking to timelines and what-not so we had to drop them. That being said, we're completing the site on our own and only have a few items left. One of which is a JQuery based navigation toggle that he made... it works fine for the main level of items but when you get into sub menu items, it stops using the appropriate CSS. I'm thinking this is a basic "add this to CSS" answer, but I'm not versed in CSS well enough to figure it out.

The CSS and what I think is the JS calling it can be seen here: The issue can be seen here: (note the + "toggle open" graphic on the sub-item beneath "Outreach" is on the "Y" of "BeYond"... so it's not being CSS'd to the right as it should be.

Any ideas? Thanks for looking.

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我们与不遵守时间表的开发人员有过不愉快的经历,而不是我们不得不放弃它们。 话虽这么说,我们自己完成了网站,只留下了一些项目。 其中一个是他做的基于JQuery的导航切换......它适用于主要级别的项目但是当你进入子菜单项时,它会停止使用适当的CSS。 我认为这是一个基本的“将此添加到CSS”的答案,但我并不熟悉CSS,以便弄明白。

CSS和我认为的是 可以在这里看到JS调用它: 可以看到问题 在这里: (注意+ “外展”下面的子项目上的“切换打开”图形位于“BeYond”的“Y”上...所以它不应该是正确的CSS。


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  • doutale7115 2011-02-10 15:36

    Add this line into your CSS file.

    .widget-area .current_page_item .page_item .toggle { right: 0; }
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  • dongmeng2687 2011-02-10 15:35

    Trouble in these lines of css code - style.css line 1291:

    .widget-area .current-menu-item .toggle, .widget-area .current_page_item .toggle {
        right: 10em;

    If I try to change this value both '+' link and '-' link moving. Try to brake these properties. I tried to do

    <div class="toggle" style="right: 0pt;"></div>

    (this can be applied by classname, not inline css)

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