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I'm trying to decode a JSON string in my twig file. Of course I've done some research and I've found this earlier question on StackOverflow: here. They give a method to decode JSON in twig, but I don't really understand the way I should do it.

They say something about creating files etc. but I don't understand where they should be created. So I'm trying to find another way.

I've come up with this page. When we take a look at 'filters', these lines come up:

$filter = new Twig_Filter('rot13', function ($string) {
    return str_rot13($string);

So I thought I could use them like this:

$filter = new Twig_Filter('json_decode', function ($string) {
    return json_decode($string);

Now, I'd like to know whether this way should work. Also, where I'd have to put these lines of code. And finally, would I have to use the filter like this:

{{ data.params|json_decode }}

When I'm wrong, please give me the points that I mis, or, give me an easy solution that should do the job for me.

Edit I'm using twig in the Silex framework!

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我正在尝试解码twig文件中的JSON字符串。 当然我已经做了一些研究,我在StackOverflow上发现了这个问题:这里 。 他们提供了一种方法来解码树枝中的JSON,但我真的不明白我应该这样做的方式。

他们说了一些关于创建文件等但我不明白的地方 他们应该被创造出来。 所以我试图找到另一种方式。

我想出了这个页面。 当我们看一下'过滤器'时,会出现这些行:

  $ filter = new Twig_Filter('rot13',function($ string){
 return str_rot13(  $ string); 


   $ filter = new Twig_Filter('json_decode',function($ string){
 return json_decode($ string); 

现在,我 我想知道这种方式是否有效。 此外,我必须把这些代码行放在哪里。 最后,我是否必须使用这样的过滤器:

  {{data.params | json_decode}} 


编辑 我在Silex框架中使用twig!

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