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There's not much in the documentation of this old Wordpresslib module on how to post to a specific category. Looking through the code of the module itself shows lots of category related classes in it.
('World' is a category already set on the WP site I'm posting to.) I've tried these below but everytime the category of the post on WP is "Uncategorized"...

post.setPostCategories = ["World"]
post.categories = ["World"]
post.WordPressCategory = ["World"]

Not sure if this involves keys or something or if I'll have to import another module to set the category.

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    doufusi2013 doufusi2013 2017-03-28 15:19

    The categories are already set on your WP site as numbers.
    Post to them like this when using the Wordpresslib module...

    post.categories = ["4"]
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