drj58429 2012-08-17 15:50
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PHP sessions work as expected in root directory, and one directory deep. Directories that exist 2 deep end up with a new session id, and all session varaibles are lost.

I include a file config.inc.php (absolute path) into all pages which calls session_start() and initializes the SESSION variables. I found a PHP directive setting that seems to mention subdirectories, but it looks like it is referring to subdirectories of temporarily stored session files.

I've double checked using the HTTPFox firefox plugin, as soon as I visit any page 2 levels deep, the session is gone, and and a new session ID is issued. Very Strange...

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  • douren2395 2012-08-17 15:50

    Ah, it looks like I was writing my URLS to those particular directories using localhost instead of The different domain caused the browser to think it was a different website, I guess. Changing this solved my problem.

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