2011-12-11 21:55
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I am encountering some odd behavior with Smarty but I believe solution is fairly simple. I am admittedly not an expert w/ Smarty but I still find this rather strange.

Some background, $PF_SHOP_CART_GIFTS is an integer, either 0 if no gifts are in cart or a positive number if gifts do exist in the cart.

I have a section loop defined as the following:

<input type="text" name="iGifts" value="{$PF_SHOP_CART_GIFTS}" />
{section name="gift_memberships" loop=$PF_SHOP_CART_GIFTS}
 // A bunch of stuff happens here but it isn't related to my question

The problem is that the value of the input field "iGifts" always ends up being NULL (value="" when I view source) which is weird because if I just output the smarty variable:


I see the correct integer value that it is set to. Is there something that prevents me from using smarty variables in the context of input field values?

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我遇到了一些与Smarty的奇怪行为,但我相信解决方案相当简单。 我当然不是专家和Smarty,但我仍觉得这很奇怪。

有些背景, $ PF_SHOP_CART_GIFTS 是一个整数,如果没有礼物就是0 如果购物车中存在礼品,则在购物车中或正数。


&lt; input type =“text”name =“iGifts”value =“{$ PF_SHOP_CART_GIFTS}”/&gt; 
 {section name =“gift_memberships”loop = $ PF_SHOP_CART_GIFTS} 
 //一堆 东西发生在这里,但它与我的问题无关
 {/ section} 
 {/ if} 

问题在于输入的值 字段“iGifts”总是最终为NULL(当我查看源时值=“”)这很奇怪,因为如果我只输出smarty变量:

  {$ PF_SHOP_CART_GIFTS} \  n   

我看到它设置的正确整数值。 有什么东西阻止我在输入字段值的上下文中使用smarty变量吗?

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  • douan6931 2011-12-14 17:00

    I ended up rewriting part of the controller that inits the form. All data is now accessible (in a logical fashion) and life is good. /phew

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