2011-10-03 18:37
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so, I use an iframe like this: <iframe src="script.php"></iframe> (with other attributes of course).

Now, what I am trying to do, is that the script.php does some things, than outputs a JS script, which should change that SRC attribue of the iframe to some other page.

Is that possible?

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因此,我使用这样的iframe:&lt; iframe src =“script.php”&gt; &lt; / iframe&gt; (当然还有其他属性)。

现在,我要做的是,script.php做了一些事情,而不是输出 JS脚本,它应该将iframe的SRC属性更改为其他页面。


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  • dousong8187 2011-10-03 18:39

    Assume only one frame, without id or name:

    document.getElementsByTagName("iframe")[0].src = "http://new.url";

    If the current frame location is at the same domain:

    frames[0].location.href = "http://new.url";

    If you have multiple frames, it's very wise to attach an ID to it. When you want to access the frame through the frames object, set a name:

    <iframe id="myframe" name="a_frame_name" src=""></iframe>
    document.getElementById("myframe").src = "newpage.php";
    frames.a_frame_name.location.href = "newpage.php";
    frames["a_frame_name"].location.href = "newpage.php";

    Note: frames[..].location.href can only be changed if the main page and the frame's location are at the same host, due to the Same Origin policy.

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