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I did not find a better title if you have a better one please correct me.

My web application root looks like this:

- Controllers
-- User
--- Settings
--- Profile
-- Page
--- Edit
--- Show
- objects (models)
-- User
-- Page
- templates (views)
-- User
--- Settings

Now My Question is should i create a index file that handles everything?

Real URL -> mod_rewrite URL

index.php?module=user&action=settings  ->  /user/settings/

Or let mod_rewrite handle everything?

Controllers/User/Settings.php  ->  /user/settings/

I mean with a index file it's much comfortable, but which one is faster? also which one is faster under high traffic?


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    doubinei1457 doubinei1457 2011-07-15 15:20

    The performance differential will be microscopic for any but the highest traffic apps, and doing your routing in PHP instead of mod_rewrite will be easier to maintain and more flexible.

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