2011-03-25 14:03



I have a specific URL which I cannot retrive the source code from using file_get_contents.

Can anyone help me get the source code of the URL below or does anyone have an idea why it does not work on that specific URL?

The URL is:

The following returns nothing.

$source = file_get_contents('');
echo $source;
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  • dtsfnyay300457 dtsfnyay300457 10年前

    This was an error at my host which is now solved. I am sorry for wasting your time but I am glad that you wanted to help.

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  • dpnhp20440 dpnhp20440 10年前

    I'd say that the site generates it's contents with javascript so thats the reason you can't get the contents.

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  • dongyi2534 dongyi2534 10年前

    I'm guessing you share the same host as that site, and you use some sort of NAT/SAT mapping between internal and external IP.

    Your server resolves into but the actual internal IP of your server is

    Your server isn't aware of the external IP because the firewall can't connect to it's own external IP like that (it's possible to configure though).


    add into your hosts file and have it map to your internal IP.

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