2019-04-15 13:57
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如何在SimpleSAMLPhp IDP上跟踪用户登录/注销时间?

We want to track user's login/logout time in database at SimpleSAMLPhp which we are using it as IDP in our SSO login process. I've been told to insert new log record in MySql database as soon as user is authenticated on IDP and update the same entry once he logs out and I have to make changes in simplesamlphp files.

I found out SimpleSAMLPhp have Statistics module where it reads data from specified log file and display the statistics. But I don't want to interact with log files.

What could be better solution reading the log files or Adding code changes in SimpleSAMLPhp files to insert log records where Login/Logout events are written, Can someone please give me suggestions?

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