2017-06-11 18:59
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I am trying to print in the modal the information of the selected user but only the first row is printed in the modal.

I am using PHP with MySQL but it is not working. I don't understand why it prints only the first row.

Please help to resolve my issue.

This is the php code:

include ("conex.php");

$query = "SELECT * FROM empleado WHERE cargo='personal'";

echo "<div class='tables'>";
echo "<h3 class='title1'>Listado de Empleados :</h3>";
echo "<div class='panel-body widget-shadow'>";
echo "<table class='table'>";
echo "<button class='btn btn-success add-prod'>
                         <span class='fa fa-plus'></span>  
                                  Agregar Empleado

echo "<thead><tr><th>Rut</th><th>Nombre</th><th>Apellido</th><th class='action'>Accion</th></thead>";


        echo "<tbody>";
        echo "<tr title='informacion detallada' class='selector-empleado' data-toggle='modal' data-target='#infodetallada'>";
        echo "<td>".$fila["rut"]."</td>";
        echo "<td>".$fila["nombre"]."</td>";
        echo "<td>".$fila["apellido"]."</td>";
        echo "<td class='buttons-admin'><button title='modificar empleado' class='btn btn-primary btn-admin1'><span class='fa fa-refresh'></span></button>
        <button  onClick='window.location=\"eliminarempleado.php?rut=".$fila["rut"]."\";'/ title='eliminar empleado' class='btn btn-danger btn-admin2'>
        <span class='fa fa-times'></span></button></td>";
        echo "</tr>";
        echo "</tbody>";

    echo "<div class='modal fade' id='infodetallada' role='dialog'>";
    echo  "<div class='modal-dialog'>";

    echo  "<div class='modal-content'>";
    echo  "<div class='modal-header'>";
    echo   "<button type='button' class='close' data-dismiss='modal'>&times;</button>";
    echo    "<h4 class='modal-title'>Informacion detallada :</h4>";
    echo "</div>";
    echo "<div class='modal-body'>";
    echo  "<b>Rut : </b>" .$fila["rut"]."<br>";
    echo  "<b>Nombre : </b>" .$fila["nombre"]."<br>";
    echo  "<b>Apellido : </b>" .$fila["apellido"]."<br>";
    echo  "<b>Cargo : </b>" .$fila["cargo"]."<br>";
    echo  "<b>Correo : </b>" .$fila["correo"]."<br>";
    echo  "<b>Contraseña : </b> ************";
    echo "</div>";
    echo "<div class='modal-footer'>";
    echo "<button title='modificar empleado' class='btn btn-primary'><span class='fa fa-refresh'></span> Modificar</button>";
    echo "<button onClick='window.location=\"eliminarempleado.php?rut=".$fila["rut"]."\";'/ title='eliminar' class='btn btn-danger'><span class='fa fa-times'></span> Eliminar </button>";
    echo  "<button type='button' class='btn btn-default' data-dismiss='modal'>Cerrar</button>";
    echo "</div>";
    echo "</div>";

    echo "</div>";
    echo "</div>";


        echo "</table>";
        echo "</div>";
        echo "</div>";
        echo "</div>";
        echo "<div class='clearfix'></div>";
        echo "</div>";
        echo "</div>";

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  • doupo1890 2017-06-12 04:20

    You just have to make couple of minor changes.

    Append some unique id to the data-target attribute in the clickable element, so that it is unique for each record

    <tr title='informacion detallada' class='selector-empleado' data-toggle='modal' data-target='#infodetallada".$fila['rut']."'>

    Append same unique id to the id attribute of the modal, so that it is same to the respective clickable element.

    <div class='modal fade' id='infodetallada".$fila['rut']."' role='dialog'>

    I assumed that $fila['rut'] will be unique for each of the records. If it is not so, then you can use some other unique elements.

    Issue: Each model box should be connected on its own unique ID. It should have unique 'data-target' in the clickable element & 'id' in the respective modal.

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