2015-10-25 14:25
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I read that it is possible to place alternative header into woocommerce pages using get_header('shop'); in product-archives.php template in my custom theme. In order to make it work I need to make copy of header.php file and rename it to header-shop.php. It should be also located in same folder as header.php file. Unfortunately I can't get this to work. Anything I am missing if somebody notices that would be great help.

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我读到可以使用 get_header('shop')将替代标题放入woocommerce页面; 在我的自定义主题中的product-archives.php模板中。 为了使它工作,我需要复制header.php文件并将其重命名为header-shop.php。 它也应该与header.php文件位于同一个文件夹中。 很遗憾,我无法让它工作。 如果有人注意到这将有很大的帮助,我会失踪。

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