2015-10-07 07:43
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I am facing a problem regarding the cache and cookies and Codeigniter.

When I log in using a username and a password, there is a prompt like this.

Save Password

I then click Save Password. After that I have one form where there are also username and password fields. These fields become automatically filled with the username and password that I have entered from the previous application login.

One Form

How do I get rid of the username and password? I am using Codeigniter.

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然后单击保存密码。 之后我有一个表单,其中还有用户名和密码字段。 这些字段将自动填入我从之前的应用程序登录中输入的用户名和密码。

如何摆脱用户名和密码? 我正在使用Codeigniter。

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  • douxiongye5779 2015-10-07 08:46

    I found this that presents a theory. I quote:

    If the browser detects <input type="password">, it will assume that the <input type="text"> IMMEDIATELY in front of it is the username input.

    With some testing myself, I found this to be true.

    theory test

    In searching for solutions I found this one.


    Simply create a couple of fields and make them hidden with "display:none". Example:

    <!-- fake fields are a workaround for chrome autofill getting the wrong fields -->
    <input style="display:none" type="text" name="fakeusernameremembered"/>
    <input style="display:none" type="password" name="fakepasswordremembered"/>

    This is a kludgy solution. However it works.

    kludgy soln

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