2015-08-12 07:22
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多线程JIRA API调用问题

I now come with a problem of overloading.

Via PHP i'm starting multiple threads to retrive issue from a specific (the same) jql. I'm doing this to retrive multiple issues( thousands of them) faster. Normal call in my environment would be for 10k issue => 200 got and processed by each threads so=> 50 threads. I surely can lower the stakes, let's say 1000 issues per thread. But i want it faster than normaly.

A curl call would get the 10k issues in aprox. 8 mins.

What i want is to know if it exists any limit on JIRA regarding max req per second/minute/user, because i surely notice some overloading on system. And this doesn't seem something very big.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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通过PHP i' m启动多个线程以从特定(相同)的jql中检索问题。 我这样做是为了更快地回溯多个问题(成千上万个问题)。 我环境中的正常通话将是10k问题=> 每个线程获得并处理200个因此=> 50个主题。 我当然可以降低赌注,假设每个线程有1000个问题。 但我希望它比正常更快。

卷曲调用将在aprox中获得10k问题。 8分钟。

我想要知道JIRA是否存在关于每秒/每分钟/用户的最大请求数量的限制,因为我肯定会注意到系统上有一些超载。 这看起来不是很大。

任何想法? 谢谢。

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  • dongsonglian7303 2015-08-18 06:07

    The answer is that there is no limit regarding max requeste per second. Performance of the system will suffer only if RAM isn't enough.

    Jira Sizing Guide is a very good to start with.

    Thing i had to look at was max concurrent logged in users (each request was a new login) and size of data which had to be retrieven. On 8gb i found to be ok (not overloading server) 4 concurrent threads (requests/logins) and 400 issues retrievent by each request.

    Thanks :)

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