laravel尝试访问/ what的url时访问禁止错误:任何语法

I have installed Laravel with Xampp server on Windows 7 successfully .

I tried to add routes url and it works fine.

I want to display a MySQL table values on localhost So I make a model

class data extends Model
protected   $table = 'Data'; 

and a controller class and inside this controller class this method to display MySQL table

   public function show($id)
   $data = Data::where('service_id', $service_id)->select ('price' ); 
   return view('greeting')->with('data',$data); 

And I add a route to display my web page showing my table data .

but I get this error

Access forbidden! You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster. Error 403

Although I haven't this error yesterday. but today I totally failed!!

I has observed that I get this error when I try to access any url likes this syntax /anything:anything e.g: /one/public/Motors:1 /one/public/planes:1

but no problem when I use no parameterized query.

2015/06/28 12:03
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