2015-04-03 09:11
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jQuery Tokeninput插件PHP没有json的结果

I try to use the JQuery Tokeninput. While I introduce on the search fields the text , it doesn't show anything. It stays on searching forever...

From the documentation I see that the format of the resunt of json_encode should looks like :

{"id":"1035","name":"Desperate Housewives"},

but when I access my json localhost/json.php?q=house returns datas like :

["house1","house2" ...] 

so it doesn't contains the "{}" .

I'm sure that the paths to the js,and css are ok. the script is here:

<script type="text/javascript">
                    $(document).ready(function () {

The json code looks like :

$rows = array();

$query_get_element = "SELECT DISTINCT `column` FROM `table` WHERE `column` LIKE '%".$q."%'";
$query_get_element = mysql_query($query_get_element);
$row_cen = mysql_fetch_array($query_get_element);


while ($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($query_get_element))
    array_push($json, $row2['column']);

echo json_encode($json);

While I search the console shows localhost/json.php?q=house Any advice to solve this ? Thanks in advance!

on console (google chrome I see:

GET http://localhost/json.php?q=house 404 (Not Found)

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我尝试使用JQuery Tokeninput。 虽然我在搜索字段中介绍了文本,但它没有显示任何内容。 它一直在寻找... ...



但是当我访问我的json localhost / json.php时?q = house返回如下数据:

  [“house1”  ,“house2”...] 


我确定js和css的路径都可以。 脚本在这里:

 &lt; script type =“text / javascript”&gt; 
 $(“#  textarea“)。tokenInput('link / json.php'); 
&lt; / script&gt; 


  $ rows = array(); 
 $ q = $ _ GET ['q'];  
 $ query_get_element =“SELECT DISTINCT`column` FROM`table` WHERE`point` LIKE'%”。$ q。“%'”; 
 $ query_get_element = mysql_query($ query_get_element); 
 $ row_cen =  mysql_fetch_array($ query_get_element); 
 $ json = array(); 
while($ row2 = mysql_fetch_array($ query_get_element))
 array_push($ json,$ row2 ['column']); 
 \  necho json_encode($ json); 

我搜索控制台时显示localhost / json.php?q = house 任何建议来解决这个问题? 提前致谢!

在控制台上(google chrome我看到了:

  GET http://localhost/json.php?q = 房子404(未找到)
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  • douyoufan7881 2015-04-03 10:40

    I solved the issue. The problem was in my JSON . It was : array_push($json, array($row2['column'])); the pluggin search for the name of column and the array of column so it need to be like :

    array_push($json, array("column" => $row2['column']));

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