2014-04-23 12:18
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WordPress 3.9多站点数据库连接错误

I have a ZendFW application and WPMU installed. Admins at Zend app has an interface where they can create a new MU site.

I included wp-load.php and then called wpmu_create_blog and so on...

Once I updated the WP to 3.9 I got error establishing database connection.

This test code works OK with 3.8 but gives db error when tried WP 3.9.

blog38 is WP 3.8


include "../blog38/wp-load.php";

global $wpdb;
echo "<pre>";

blog39 is WP 3.9


include "../blog39/wp-load.php";

global $wpdb;
echo "<pre>";

Does anyone know what the problem is? How to solve this connection error?

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我安装了ZendFW应用程序和WPMU。 Zend应用程序的管理员有一个界面,可以创建一个新的MU站点。

我包含 wp-load.php ,然后调用 wpmu_create_blog 依此类推......


此测试代码正常工作 3.8但尝试WP 3.9时会出现db错误。

blog38 是WP 3.8

echo”&lt; pre&gt;“; 
var_dump($ wpdb-&gt; tables()); 
?&gt;  ; 

blog39 是WP 3.9

 \  ninclude“../blog39/wp-load.php";
nglobal $ wpdb; 
echo”&lt; pre&gt;“; 
var_dump($ wpdb-&gt; tables()); 

有谁知道问题是什么? 如何解决此连接错误?

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  • dongzhouzhang8696 2014-04-24 10:44

    I posted it on WordPress discussion and submitted a ticket as well. The problem is in ms-setting.php file with new way they set $path and $current_site->path variables. In WP 3.8.3 they had $current_site->path = $path = PATH_CURRENT_SITE;

    and in WP 3.9 they set

    $current_site->path = PATH_CURRENT_SITE;

    and $path is determined by the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] variable. So when you load wp-load.php file inside your application (and wordpress is in subdirectory) you have $path and $current_site->path variable different which ends up in no blog defined case, which gives Database connection error.

    Current workaround is to override $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = '/blog/'; before loading wp-load.php

    More information can be found:

    http://wordpress.org/support/topic/wordpress-39-multisite-db-connection-error https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/27999

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