2016-11-30 07:39
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Iam getting the Error : You are not authorized to access this page. when i try to load the admin page since iam also unable to see the login page, please help me solving this. Can see the screen shot aswell. enter image description here

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我收到错误:您无权访问此页面。 当我 尝试加载管理页面,因为我也无法看到登录页面,请帮我解决这个问题。 可以看到屏幕截图。

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  • douyimiao1993 2016-11-30 09:49

    Login page is working well:

    If you can't see it try clearing cookies for that domain. Or did you maybe added some records in your machine host file so normal DNS server is not used? Try opening login page from another computer. Or try visiting

    Maybe you are already logged in with some strange user account...

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