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如何使用Hellosign API在模板中附加所有者的标志?

This questions is regarding Hellosign API. I am creating a template where i want to owner's sign(Suppose, I am owner then my sign will append there automatically). I create it using Hellosign website but now i want to create it using hellosign API. Here i am generating dynamic template. So please give me answer. Thank you in advance.

Example (What i want)

Check this image please. I have a html-css block like below picture. I want to get default owner's signature and current date using hellosign.

Here is my code, what i have done

<!-- PHP code -->
require_once '../vendor/autoload.php';
$api_key   = ('xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
$client_id = ('xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');
$client = new HelloSign\Client($api_key);
$request = new HelloSign\SignatureRequest;
$request->setSubject('My First embedded signature request');
$embedded_request = new HelloSign\EmbeddedSignatureRequest($request, $client_id);
$response = $client->createEmbeddedSignatureRequest($embedded_request);
$response = $client->getEmbeddedSignUrl($signature_id);
$sign_url = $response->getSignUrl();

<!-- Script code -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var claim_url = "<?PHP echo $claim_url;?>";
     // alert(claim_url);{
        url: claim_url,     
        allowCancel: false,
        skipDomainVerification: true,
        height: 640,
        width: 1368,
        requester: "",
        container: document.getElementById('wmtest'),
        messageListener: function(eventData) {
            alert("HelloSign event received");
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  • duandingyou3331 2015-12-09 18:18

    You mention templates, though your code is for embedded signing using a file/url. Here's an example of an embedded signature request using a template for reference:

    $client = new HelloSign\Client('f167bc93d1390z467k026h84c4f8b9a1aa8c043f5f58a54cd0db300766986254');
    $request = new HelloSign\TemplateSignatureRequest;
    $request->setSubject('Purchase Order');
    $request->setMessage('Glad we could come to an agreement.');
    $request->setSigner('Client', '', 'George');
    $request->setCC('Accounting', '');
    $request->setCustomFieldValue('Cost', '$20,000');
    $client_id = 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID';
    $embedded_request = new HelloSign\EmbeddedSignatureRequest($request, $client_id);
    $response = $client->createEmbeddedSignatureRequest($embedded_request);

    Also, you wouldn't be able to sign the document programmatically. Instead, your options are either signing the document during Template creation on, then using a Me (when sending) text box and passing the sign date as a CustomFieldValue with the signature request. Or you could include yourself as a signer along with your other signers, and bring up the signature request in an iframe just like your other signers.

    Please reach out to us at for more information. Check out our documentation at Or get live support for general questions

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