2015-11-27 16:48
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I just finished my php application so I decided to try it on my online account OpenShift. I created a new application and I imported PHP 5.3, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. I then uploaded via filezilla my application in the app-root/data/Calendar, I think it's the right folder where to upload the projects. Within the Calendar folder is my php application.
I then inserted these credentials in the configuration.php file:

class SystemConfiguration 
    // General Settings
    public static $base_url    = '';

    // Database Settings
    public static $db_host     = 'mysql://$OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST:$OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PORT/';
    public static $db_name     = 'first';
    public static $db_username = 'admisawhiN';
    public static $db_password = '*****';


Are the credentials for my database. So I put this url to connect to my application but is displayed:

404 Page not found

What did I do wrong? Someone could help me? I'm new on OpenShift.

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我刚刚完成了我的php应用程序,所以我决定在我的在线帐户OpenShift上尝试。 我创建了一个新的应用程序,我导入了 PHP 5.3,MySQL phpMyAdmin 。 然后我通过filezilla将我的应用程序上传到 app-root / data / Calendar ,我认为这是上传项目的正确文件夹。 在 Calendar 文件夹中是我的php应用程序。 我然后在configuration.php文件中插入这些凭据:

class SystemConfiguration 
 public static $  base_url ='';
nn //数据库设置
 public static $ db_host ='mysql:// $ OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST:$ OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PORT /'; 
 public static $ db_name =  'first'; 
 public static $ db_username ='admisawhiN'; 
 public static $ db_password ='*****'; 
 <  p>我的数据库的凭据。 所以我把这个url / 连接到我的应用程序但显示: 

404 Page not not 发现

我做错了什么? 有人可以帮帮我吗? 我是OpenShift的新手。

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