2015-06-15 03:52
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I just faced this problem recently, I don't what causes it. But I need help fixing it.

The error are : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error),400 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)

The theme I'm using is , Love Fashion - Responsive WordPress Theme

I've tried accessing my FTP, checked the CSS all pointing towards the font awesome. Any ideas?

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我最近刚遇到这个问题,我不是什么原因引起的。 但我需要帮助修复它。

错误是:  admin / admin-ajax.php?action = woocommerce_checkout无法加载资源:服务器响应状态为500(内部服务器错误) = century + gothic +:  300,400无法加载资源:服务器响应状态为400(错误请求)

我正在使用的主题是, Love Fashion - Responsive WordPress主题

我试过访问我的FTP,检查了CSS所有指向字体真棒。 任何想法?

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  • duanrang3357 2015-06-16 06:39

    First error is a general server error (look for http 500 status code). It's very unspecific so it you could look up in your server logs fore more information.

    Second error occurs because the font url can't be reached - try it for you self and open the url of the font in your browser. You will get an error.

    Error (400): Missing font family

    The requested font families are not available.

    Requested: century gothic (style: normal, weight: 300),century gothic (style: normal, weight: 400)

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